The Ghost of Fanny Guthry-Baehm

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The setting is Seward, a scenic coastal town that hosts Alaska’s oldest hotel—the Van Gilder. Fannie Guthry-Baehm was actually murdered there in 1950 and her ghost has been well documented. Against a backdrop of legislative corruption (actual events that led to US Senator Stevens’ indictment) and a harrowing winter snowstorm, a cast of colorful characters all find themselves suspects in a murder investigation. Ultimately, one has to believe in ghosts to solve this crime—something the main character (the tough, veteran Chief of Police) finds impossible to do without the assistance of a spiritual guide, Juliet. The human element to this tale is about reconciliation between fact-based vs. faith-based “evidence”, and the ability of humans to discover the truth through different means. The Chief’s ultimate acceptance of Fannie as real leads him to solve the crime, and to confront the personal “ghosts” and circumstances that have changed his life forever.

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